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Bernie Cornwell

Hi, I’m Bernie Cornwell, the bco.harlekin.

As my cap suggests, I am an economic refugee from the UK and since the Brexit vote an exile in Germany by choice. I landed up in IT via excursions into language teaching and social work. I was besotted by the technology of the early days of PC’s and after my first implementation project for a liability insurance association I logically proceeded to progressively distance myself from coding as a business analyst and project manager…

These days I earn my living as a freelance consultant, trainer and coach in anything to do with projects in any industry you care to name. My background and my wanderlust have predominantly led me to assignments all over the world or/and for multicultural companies in the German-speaking world.

Over the years my professional attitude has changed quite radically. While I was a methodological missionary in the early days, I now see myself more as a kind of project counselor. Projects can be the best approach to promote innovation, efficiency and stimulating work. Working in a project team can be instructive, stimulating and inspirational; it’s not supposed to be Mission Impossible or a suicide mission. Why do project managers love Dilbert? Because he depicts absurd daily project situations that we all recognize. And because they are unfortunately quite realistic.

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Can be contacted by email via bco@harlekin.blog


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