Harlequin Codex

Why we think a codex makes sense

This codex has been developed and agreed upon by the registered members of the Harlekin.Blog as the binding basis of our conduct. This commitment is expressly enshrined in the association’s statutes under § 3 (4). 

The Harlequin principle, which guides us in thought and action, is based on the following basic ideas:

  • In all earnest, but not always seriously
  • Open for future prospects, but not any old hype 
  • With insight, occasionally inciting

 This Harlekin.Blog codex describes binding values and consistent principles for the conduct of its members, guest authors and commentators of blog posts. It is the foundation for how we communicate and behave together. The values described under 2 serve as a frame of reference for the conduct we aspire to. Harlequin members, guest writers and commentators maintain and promote mutual trust in their work by upholding these values and acting in accordance with them.

What we want to achieve

With the above mindset and perspective, we want to publish and put up for discussion our observations and experiences of conditions and trends in the day-to-day life of companies and institutions in the form of blog posts. 

We invite readers to enter into a dialogue with us through the blog posts. With this we endeavour to raise awareness and awareness of current and future economic and social phenomena and trends. And hope to expand the circle of like-minded people.

This codex is designed to create a framework for controversial AND respectful debate within the Harlekin.Blog and with our communication partners.

We acknowledge that as members of the Harlekin.Blog and guest authors we tackle issues that can bring various sensitive political, cultural and moral challenges. We believe that we are best equipped to take on these challenges by being open to and respectful of our different perspectives.

We undertake to protect any copyright or personal rights with regard to textual and visual quotations.

We are guided by these values

In a participatory process we have opted for the following values:


For us this means: with humour we
provoke thinking ahead or rethinking, new perspectives that can surprise ourselves
and others. At the same time, we do acknowledge that humour has Its limits when
human dignity is violated.


For us this means: we see appreciation
in relation to ourselves, to others and to the issue at hand. We acknowledge
diversity and treat different opinions respectfully. We maintain our
independence as authors, but give room for other positions and opinions.


For us this means: our understanding for this is aptly illustrated by a quote from Martin Buber: “We say what we think and do what we say.”


For us this means: our passion is based
on a shared conviction of meaning the Harlequin Principle, through which we
have enriching experiences and gain new perspectives. It is our driving force
towards a deeper understanding the world.

We share Kurt Tucholsky’s motto “Anything is allowed in satire.” However, it is important to us that it is recognisable as such.

Our values are incompatible with attitudes and expressions of opinion relating to the following: racism, discrimination against other world views, religions and genders. 

How we’ll handle comments

On the basis of our values, we also want to shape relations with external communication partners.

The Harlekin.Blog strives for an open and constructive dialogue with the readers and commentators of its blog posts, characterized by a respectful and appreciative exchange of views.

To ensure this, the following will not be tolerated:

  • Content that has no relation to the topic in question
  • Generalizations, insinuations or allegations that are unsubstantiated or cannot be verified
  • Personal attacks of any kind or insults
  • Discrimination of all kinds, such as against religion, nationality, colour, sexual orientation, political sentiment, age or gender
  • Violence- glorifying or pornographic content
  • Commercial or political advertising
  • Unlawful content

Comments with such content will not be released for publication by the editorial board.

The personal information obtained from the comments will be treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Act. Harlekin.Blog e.V. undertakes never to disclose this data to third parties.

How we maintain and develop our Codex 

We will regularly adapt the Codex to current developments and new forms of abuse. For this purpose, we periodically exchange information among the members of the association about experiences with the application of the Codex and the forms of abuse that have emerged. We are aware that our values will only achieve the desired effect for us if we reflect our practice from time to time from a value perspective. This is what we intend to do at least once a year during the annual meeting.