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Harlekin, Harlequin, Arlecchino

The first recorded stage appearance of a Harlequin was as early as 1262. The Harlequin emerges with a resounding “eccomi“ (“Here I am!”).

At this time his characteristic clothing was an irregularly patched costume, usually in red, yellow and blue. The more familiar chequered costume first appeared as an adaption to 14th century Parisian taste, historically combined with a black mask.  

The Harlequin confidently moves between different worlds, in highly diverse roles and opposing poles, flattering and demanding, servant and master, demon and elf. In short: he plays with the strands of the cosmos and only rarely commits himself to a particular position. The Harlequin is simultaneously Ying and Yang, he exposes liars, manipulates fate and still is “everybody’s darling”.  Children above all love him because as we all know, only children and fools usually tell the truth. He was always one for straight talking – even the best lie is no substitute for the (sometimes uncomfortable) truth.

Thus inspired we of various professions and industries have joined together to create the Harlequin Blog. We wish to create a platform on which to share issues, controversial perspectives and discussions with others:

-> In all earnest, but not always seriously
-> Open for future prospects, but not any old hype

-> With insight, occasionally inciting

Your Harlequin Team


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