Tree Art

I have been a passionate museum visitor for many years and hardly any exhibition is bizarre enough to put me off. Friends with so-called “niche interests” appreciate it very much if they don’t want to go alone, because I enthusiastically agree to go even when the rest of their social environment shake their heads in disgust. “Video installations from the 70s? – But of course!” “The special exhibition at the Microbe Museum? – Of course I’ll come!” “The development of weaving in the socio-political context of the industrial revolution? – Great! When do we go?“

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International Relations – from a private perspective

(Episode 2, part 2)

You could say my wife, whom I met while working in Germany and abducted to Dutch Friesland, and I have been surrounded by cultural differences for so long they have become second nature. In our relationship we rarely think about the fact that she grew up in one country and I did in another. We think – maybe others don’t – that we do not fit the stereotypes.

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International Relations – from a private perspective

(Episode 2, part 1)

After Harlekin Beate’s article on “International Relations” was published she asked those other Harlekins who are married to “foreigners” to write on their personal international relations. But then, I thought, I’ve never been married to someone from my original home, so how can I compare? I’ve spent much more of my life outside my “home” than in it, living in 4 countries other than Britain, so much that I wonder how British I really am now. The “home” I left is not the same now nearly 50 years later.

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The Ten Commandments…

… of the early bird swimmers

In the year of the Lord 2020 we experienced not only a warm but once again dry summer. When the world was then also afflicted by Corona, people looked for alternative sports and leisure activities. And so it came about that young Mathias made the acquaintance of the community of the early bird swimmers.

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Do many Chief x Officers make an organisation more intelligent?

I stumbled on to this question when I noticed in the media that were more and more reports of Chief Officers than of the already familiar CEO (Chief Executive Officer.) I have managed to accustom myself to CFO and COO. But with Chief Knowledge Officer, Chief Learning Officer, Chief Digitalisation Officer I am starting to have concerns about where this development might lead. We are now talking about the C-Suite, meaning the executive level. Not so long ago, vice presidents were flooding the carpeted floors. What will follow? Wikipedia (as of 05.05.2020) lists a good 50 CxOs. Amazingly, no Chief Project Officer. Why not actually? At least he can be found on the websites of international project management organisations. OK….

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International Relations – from a private perspective

In past articles I have written about international cooperation on company level. But there is also a lot to say on a purely private level. In my family and circle of acquaintances I am not the only one who has moved to another country to live with their partner. And during an exchange of experiences with other “impacted” people I have discovered interesting parallels.

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What does CORONA have to do with toilet paper? – An attempt at an anal -ysis (Part 2)

Let’s start with a neutral version of the smart-ass, the know-it-all. Basically, the same applies here: Nobody likes know-it-alls! Unless he is a „Bezzerwizzer.“ Because Bezzerwizzer (corrupted German for “know-it-all”. Mattel couldn’t come up with a better name in English.) is a family game published by Mattel at the beginning of the new millennium. It is a knowledge game based on games like Trivial Pursuit or shows like “Who wants to be a millionaire? We realize that wise guys and bezzerwizers are not marginalized, they are a mainstream of our time.

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What does CORONA have to do with toilet paper? – An attempt at an anal-ysis (part 1)

At first I was just amused, the first phase of the CORONA pandemic was somehow strange. Searching for relevant information about this dangerous pandemic, or, depending on my perspective, some new sort flu, I stumbled over and over again over the involuntarily funny contributions to toilet paper hoarding. Reports of brawls in supermarkets, toilet paper purloiners in hospitals and family tragedies with (but mostly without) toilet paper were the order of the day. Americans, Australians and many other nations shared a new fondness for beautifying their homes with rolls of toilet paper. OK, the French also hoarded large quantities of red wine and the Dutch experienced an additional run on their coffee shops – to quickly stock up on marijuana before they closed.

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Great Minds Think a Lot

… and lesser ones too

Dear listeners, let me welcome you to our live feature here at Harlequin Radio on “Conspiracy Theories and Fake News”. Of course we have again invited guests, whom I will introduce to you in a moment, but please participate directly. Our lines have already been open for an hour and we look forward to your contributions. My name is the Harlequin von Zurich and today I am pleased to welcome as guests: Mark Twain, Frank Zappa and Oscar Wilde.

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And for coffee there’s – appeltaart, vlaai and poffertjes!

So far, dear readers, I have presented many savoury (and mostly fried!) variations of Dutch cuisine. Today we’re going to talk about the afternoon – and the nice habit of ordering a piece of cake with your coffee on the way.

My colleague BCO, who in February in his article “Too much bloody choice!” shared with us his traumatic experience of ice cream selection in the Ben & Jerry’s factory, should be delighted in Dutch cafes, because often the selection consists only of “appeltaart with cream” and “appeltaart without cream”. Life can be so simple!

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