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Heike Fillhardt

Hallo, I’m Heike Fillhardt, the hfi.harlekin from the wine-growing stretch of the Rhine between Wiesbaden and Lorch called the Rheingau.

I have led and supported change processes in international companies within the scope of re-organisation, mergers and implementing mission statements since the beginning of the 90’s.

In my work I have learnt to trust in the strength of the group and work to the principle that there will always be a solution, however long it takes. Many managers see themselves as lonesome heroes – a view that finally seems to be changing in Germany too, thanks to who or whatever it might be. In addition I enjoy any project connected with agility. Alongside my experience in conventional project and change management I have a broad grounding in systemics. I am a qualified scrum master and leadership agility coach.

The insight I have gained from my education in various physiological and psychological disciplines has shaped my work as has my experience as a lecturer and mother. I was a management consultant, coach and trainer in various companies for 14 years. Since 2007 I have worked as a freelance consultant my own coaching practice.

I have also been a martial arts student since 2012. In the course of the time I have incorporated more and more physical exercises in my workshops and seminars – you will only be successful in the long term if you are simply able to move.

My clients value above all the translation of theoretical topics into play and exercise, my systemic view of the whole picture, my adjustment to situational needs, my clear and respectful observations and unshaking pursuit of objectives.

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