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Mathias Hamann

Hi, I’m Mathias Hamann, the mha.harlekin from Mountain Road (Bergstrasse).

Who am I and what do actually want? The question is of such a fundamental philosophical nature that most people spend their whole life working on it.

I am a practitioner. I “only” attended a polytechnic, have stayed faithful to my profession and I am truly completely happy with it. I suppose I was originally a pure “techie”, but these days I am also interested in organisational interactions in companies, as well as anything that is new. That has less to do with the fact that I think that new is always better, than that it helps me evaluate and understand the current situation better. By the way, one of my weaknesses needing to understand. Probably that is why I spent a number of years as an IT consultant. But then eventually the travelling got me down (you know: family) and that’s one of the things that led me to the Harlequins. And then again perhaps it’s in my genes – we now have interesting pigeon holes (I belong to Generation Y) => of course I have to question EVERYTHING. And I would really appreciate it if you, dear reader, did too and learned with us!

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