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Peter Ueberfeldt

Hi, I’m Peter Ueberfeldt, the pue.harlekin.

Thanks to fleeing from East Germany and life in refugee camps I had a pretty messed up time at school and struggled to complete my secondary school education. But then I landed up in aerospace. From that moment on I learnt more effectively and sustainably from real life than I ever did at school. I completed my assistantship in the operationl brain of Lufthansa, the flight control centre, and then acquired my aviation consultancy licence at the Lufthansa Aviation Training Centre in Bremen. This role gave me the opportunity to get to know many corners of the planet, which shaped my respect and tolerance for others and other cultures.

Later I was responsible for the development of flight preparation procedures. In the course of several projects which automated them I could build on my project management competence. Lufthansa’s rapid economic decline in the 90’s was a watershed in my professional life. I liberated myself from my specialization in aviation consulting with the help of further education and finally metamorphosed into a trainer, consultant and coach for project management. That became and still is my passion today. Later I expanded my skills to include systemic organizational consulting, agile change implementation and in particular knowledge management in large organisations. It probably has something to do with my school days that my curiosity, attention and interest in innovation are still strong motivators for learning. Sir Karl R. Popper’s “All knowledge is provisional” has become a central maxim for me. And that always provokes questions about what is worth learning and what has a future added value. But also how to identify what knowledge has reached its expiry date. That is what I would like to talk about here and invite you to join me in a dialog.

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