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Uwe Todte

Hi, I am Uwe Todte, uto.harlekin from Mainz.

Studying IT and a few extra terms of Economics were a sensible basis for the serious side of life. I had the chance of getting to know the daily routine of many different companies in various industries at all levels of hierarchy at home and abroad, working as a consultant.

My experiences with management and co-workers, and above all with project work at the client’s were characterized time and again by fascinating peculiarities. Jargon, industry codes or cryptical abbreviations – what I learned was that meaning and relevance cannot usually be derived from that term or syntax. You have to experience and/or work out the actual sense or semantics. I remember my first encounter with such expressions as book-keeping, workshops or high performer. None of these should be taken literally by a novice. And later too I kept learning: for – a director directs as little as a head hunter kills people. Organisations that function really well are always the result of a group effort; everyone, not just the very visible top deserves reward and recognition.

The Harlekin.Blog gives us a lovely opportunity to sketch the contours of everyday working life with a sharpened quill and a good portion of humour, to pass on what we have experienced and to scrutinise trendy IT and consulting clichés. Perhaps we will reveal a fresh, interesting perspective.

Just recall the often quoted phrase: “we all pull together” – but please not if that means tightening the rope around the neck of our client or our weakest colleague. Egoism, greed and company vodoo still prevent enterprise and project culture from being performance-oriented AND humane. Too often does “our success means a human focus” become “humans are the means to our success.

All posts from uto: https://harlekin.blog/en/author/uto

Can be contacted by email via uto@harlekin.blog


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