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We can’t explain why, but a whistleblower has granted our platform Harlekin.blog access to documents from whose content sounds so absurd that we thought it was a joke at first. But it is no joke. The documents are genuine, as insiders have confirmed to us; we must of course keep their identity secret for their protection.

We are aware that the publication represents a high personal risk for us, but also for the world as we know it. We cannot rule out the possibility of governments being overthrown and chaos breaking out, and therefore could not bring ourselves to release the truth to the public for a long time. But this atrocity must not be concealed any longer. As representatives of the non-aligned press, we must also bring uncomfortable truths to light. Truths that we ourselves recently ridiculed and dismissed as conspiracy theories.

We have published all the documents leaked to us on a website (www.wirkennendiewahrheit.ch ) We fear that very soon after publication this website will be blocked and no longer accessible. Please copy the contents and spread them further so that the truth cannot be suppressed by the powerful of this world. The more people publicise this truth, the more difficult its suppression will be.

Even though some of the documents classified as “top secret” are redacted and we therefore do not know all the details, a clear picture emerges of the inconceivable events that the public should never hear about.

What was allegedly revealed by Edward Snowden in 2013 is now revealed to be only the visible part of the iceberg. At the time, Snowden is supposed to have come across information proving that the USA, together with Monsanto (now part of BAYER in Leverkusen) and aircraft fuel manufacturers, had developed chemicals that were sprayed worldwide as part of aircraft exhaust (so-called chemtrails). According to Snowden, the aim was to counteract global warming in order to save American agriculture from ruin. In the new documents leaked to us, the name Greta Thunberg is also mentioned, but more on that later.

The documents handed to us prove that the Corona pandemic was used to further expand this programme, with the aim of identifying, discrediting, even silencing critical voices. These documents originate from the Federal Office of Health and Sport (EAGS), which has its headquarters not far from Thunberg in the canton of Bern. This can be dismissed as pure coincidence, but the facts described there suggest that it is not.

Chemtrail experts use the Cloudbuster developed by Wilhelm Reich, a device that uses the energy form “orgone” discovered by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) against harmful electromagnetic radiation. The documents in our possession prove a further development of chemtrails, which aims at a different effect and thus also circumvents this protective effect.

Whereas until now it was primarily a matter of mind control (e.g. the HAARP project), the focus is now on identifying the people who were able to escape this control until now.

Consequently, the mode of action of mRNA corona vaccines is used for this purpose. This is a single-stranded ribonucleic acid (RNA) that introduces genetic information for the creation of a specific protein into a cell. According to the documents provided to us, this vaccine-transmitted protein can be detected very easily, as only vaccinated individuals subsequently secrete a specific spike protein through their skin. This spike protein can therefore be used to distinguish the unvaccinated from the vaccinated. However, this requires skin contact to take a sample, which naturally cannot be carried out comprehensively. The documents available to us show that an alternative way has been found by adding another chemical (stultissimushomo) to the chemtrails, which is produced by the bacterium Stultus plumbeus. This chemical enables the detection of the unvaccinated, because only the skin of vaccinated people appears bluish when irradiated with special long-wave light.

However, this is also a weakness of the procedure. The documents available to us show that the approach can be outsmarted. When tested, it turned out that the skin of some unvaccinated people also glowed a faint shade of blue, even if only slightly. This was the case for all test persons with tattoos containing the colours “Blue 15” or “Green7”. As an immediate consequence, these colours were banned throughout the EU on 14.12.2020 (REACH Regulation), but not in Switzerland. In the documents, the EU therefore asks the EAGS to also adopt the directive, otherwise we would probably never have come into their possession. Interestingly, the EU request also mentions a comparable effect of (blue!) lavender oil applied to the skin.

The documents also reveal that “stultissimushomo” is only added to flights on weekends, starting at midday on Friday and ending on Sunday night, as it is assumed that this is the period when most unvaccinated people are outside. You will now understand why we struggled with the decision to publish. The elites of this world, led by Bill Gates, the global financial elite and the 13 bloodlines will leave no stone unturned to prevent the dissemination of these facts.

What can we do? Spend the weekend indoors as much as possible (stay home!). Recognise each other by smell and therefore stock up with enough lavender oil before it disappears from the market (“supply chain problem”) and get blue and green tattoos in Switzerland as long as said colours are still available there. And tattoos last a lifetime!

Original text: RGE
English translation: BCO


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