Sex, Drugs and Corona

Did you read it too? In Greenland and Hong Kong the consumption of alcohol has been banned or severely restricted. And in Mexico the Corona brewery was closed down. While in Nuuk, Greenland’s capital, no more alcohol can be purchased, in Hong Kong no drinks with more than 2.25 percent alcohol content were allowed to be served and sales were completely prohibited.

In the case of Greenland, the government was concerned that stoned-drunk people would be less alert, increasing the risk of infection. There was also the fear that excessive alcohol consumption by parents would increase domestic violence and abuse of children – those are the words of, Martha Abelsen, the Minister of Health, speaking to journalists. Interestingly, the ban only applies to the capital Nuuk, where, according to Wikipedia, one third of Greenland’s entire population lives and where members of the Christian community “Unitas Fratrum” was founded in 1731. (Also worth mentioning is the revered author Erich Kästner, who in his autobiographical book “When I was a little boy” reports that his cousin Dora, who had been sent by her father to one of those boarding schools, returned pale and haggard). This admittedly does not explain the part with the limited attention. It should also be mentioned that the claim that the “Blood Wound Fish”, “Miracle Bees” and the “Little Bird of the Cross” gave Jesus all kinds of comfort hanging on the cross comes from the same organization. But I digress.

Now, as far as Hong Kong is concerned, the Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, has arranged for the sale of alcohol to be restricted, as mentioned above. The reason for this is that in bars, if people drink more, intimate acts can happen. In bars. Wonderful. But because nobody in Hong Kong cares what Mrs Lam says, nobody followed the ban and so she changed the instruction. Now a ban on alcohol is in force when more than four people are together in a bar. You won’t get rid of the movie in your head that easily, dear reader. 

And in Mexico, the Corona brewery had to be closed down by order of the government, because beer is not a vital agro-industrial product. I don’t know where you stand on the German Purity Law, and clearly beer made from corn does not comply with the Purity Law and is therefore problematic for the time being, but to call it “not vital”? By the way, sales in China are said to have slumped dramatically.

And strictly speaking, I am only now getting to the actual and central aspect of this article. Finally, I have the opportunity – and how much I have avoided to date to get in on this – to really get involved in the conspiracy theories. Pay attention now. Pay attention.

The governments of this world are compliant instruments of the international brewery mafia. The corona virus is their invention. For months, their strategists have been tinkering and, in collaboration with Chinese breweries, have invented the myth of “Corona” and discredited the brand of the same name (corn!). Jens Spahn, the German Minister of Health, called the virus “alcohol sensitive”, the city of Munich defers fees for beer gardens, Mrs. Lam permits boozing again, the Czech Republic calls the action “save the beer” and dozens of small breweries go bankrupt. The big ones will survive, they will divide the market among themselves and dictate prices, quality and politicians. This is exactly what will happen!

And why the question of guilt is rearing its head again and why only those who are affected by the decision should decide, I refer you to my next article.

German Original text: RGE
English translation: BCO


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