Security in uncertain situations

With ROLAND Protection Cover, you can sit back and relax even in the event of an accident. We ensure you enjoy extra security and convenience. * – Years ago I took out ROLAND Protection Cover in conjunction with comprehensive insurance for our new car. This month our car broke down 2000 kms from home. The message “gearbox malfunction” appeared on the display and we were advised to visit the nearest garage. With jerking, rev fluctuations and  a speed of about 40 kph we made it to the nearest town.

As a former citizen of Bremen, I thought I was really well protected by Roland, the gallant guardian in front of Bremen’s town hall, and now with the ROLAND cover. It has, however, been my experience when it comes to insurance policies, that there is always a slight doubt as to whether those slick formulations on the website can be taken seriously. As we all know, the devil is in the detail, i.e. the small print, where a lack of patience and time usually exclude careful reading. Until it really matters. And with us, that was now!

Our protection letters make you mobile” * is what the website says. That’s exactly what we needed now to get to our destination. This promise conveys confidence and hope. And so I called the number given, full of expectation. Of course, the first person I spoke to was a chatbot. And of course one with more patience than myself. With music and comforting words, I spent more than twenty minutes on the phone before the connection was lost.

In an emergency, we help quickly and without complications. Feel free to call us anytime on 0221 8277-377 *. The next morning, we tried again. At least, after thirty minutes of waiting, a normal ringtone finally sounded and shortly afterwards a human voice. Finally a human being! An understanding and helpful one at that. Our anticipation of help and onward travel grew and our mood brightened. Of course we would be helped, but our matter had to be dealt with by the foreign service team. The matter was passed on internally and we we asked to expect a call from the foreign service team. We were by now well-practised in waiting with ROLAND…

Through innovative individual solutions, digital service interfaces and agile working methods, we optimise the experience of our partners, co-operations and customers in a simple way. * But even the greatest hope dies some time. After more than 30 hours, still no feedback! In the meantime, we had found a solution through other channels. In retrospect, a few strange thoughts occurred to us. What is really meant by “ROLAND Protection Cover”? Why is “ROLAND” written in capital letters and ” Protection Cover” in small letters? Is it possible that the Protection Cover only applies to people called Roland? Surely we would have noticed that when we took it out. Another claim on their website gave us even more to think about: “ROLAND Protection Cover – surely different“. At least that’s true, I thought to myself. Now I am assured that I can manage without this protection. This time without a waiting period.

* All text in italics was taken from the official homepage of ROLAND Schutzbrief.

Original text: PUE
English translation: BCO


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