Peter Schulz

Hello, I’m Peter Schulz, the nomadic psc.harlequin.

Since my study of civil engineering (and architecture in parallel) I have always been fascinated by change. That is also the reason why I spent the first period after my studies programming real-time operating systems in assembler. This was followed by years in sales, marketing and press relations with major American companies. This time gave me the opportunity to live and work in many countries in Europe, Asia and the USA and to immerse myself in their cultures and ways of life.

Having had enough of rigorous quarterly thinking and the pressure of constant growth to satisfy analysts and investors, I felt the urge to do something “meaningful” again. A small Swiss think tank and start-up gave me the opportunity to develop an innovative multimedia platform for Swiss television and radio together with a small team of talented software developers. After the completion of this project, it was only natural to found Joiz, an interactive TV station for a young audience (14-28-year-olds) and to create completely new ways of entertainment by synchronizing live TV, web, mobile apps and gamification.

The development and operation of Joiz was extremely challenging and left its mark, which after almost 3 years led me to withdraw from the operational side to devote myself to a less stressful task. I founded a new company in Switzerland and subsequently advised Bavarian Broadcasting and Arte on the implementation of new production methods and developed a platform for marketing SaS (Software as Service) services for a large German software company. In September 2017 it was time to tackle the next big change. After 13 years in Switzerland we sold and/or gave away everything and we, i.e. my wife, our dog Joiz and I, have been travelling through Europe and North Africa as digital nomads with a (real) SUV and a roof tent since then. In addition to cultural exchange, we now live and experience the kind of mobile work that we preached before.


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