Jobs of the Future?

In our series on professions, I’ll not only be looking at the past, but also at the future – there are plenty of tips and information to take to heart. I’ll share a few of them here, and at the end I’ll reveal the ultimate piece of advice that could change all of our professional lives for good.

I remember well that during my time at school in the 90s, shortly after German reunification, people proclaimed the great shift away from manufacturing to service professions. At that time, I was living in Mönchengladbach in the Rhineland, and there the decline of the local textile industry could be plainly seen, with all the well-known consequences for families, personal histories, and even people’s self-perception. “What do I do now?” some people asked themselves – suddenly lifelong learning is expected. For some of them, school is a distant memory. “Why don’t you get a job, do something for society – bloody students, nothing in your heads but parties,” is something I still remember.

And these days? If you look for fulfilling advice, you will find countless interesting sources. My first attempt – I’m a tekkie – takes me to the search engine of choice by entering: “Jobs of the future” and that leads to among other places. If you take a closer look there, you will find no less than 12 out of 15 of the specified trendy jobs in 2021 with a direct IT connection. Hm, are we all just doing IT now? Okay, next attempt: Here’s a suggestion on how to first find out whether you’ll be affected by future job losses due to automation and digitisation It’s kind of funny to hear from an algorithm, of all things, that robots are stealing jobs from us. But it all sounds plausible – at least that’s what I learned when I was a kid: services have more of a future than manufacturing. What do you think?

But, the important piece of advice is still missing: I personally believe that there is a hot trend – just work with and/or for people. That requires creativity, spontaneity and many other qualities that only humans have. And AI enthusiasts can say what they like, I just don’t see robots helping us in a retirement home or raising children on a large scale, and even if they can, do we want that for ourselves and our family? So what topics are going like hot cakes? Trades: yes! Care and education: definitely! IT: I do hope so 😊

In the end, only one question remains. Who will create the jobs of the future? And what will they look like? My personal hope and answer: We ourselves, as we need them as human beings!


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