Harlekin.blog presents the “Contributions of the Year“

Dear readers, this year, too, the Harlekin.blog team is saying goodbye for the summer holidays. Last summer we bridged this time with “our favourites” – this year we would like to present the Harlekin “contributions of the year” to you once again.

The Harlequin team has chosen a “Contribution of the Year” for each calendar year since 2019. The result is solemnly announced at the following annual general meeting – along with the award of a stunning challenge cup, kindly donated by our colleague RGE. The winning contributions so far have been as diverse as our team of authors covering different very distinct topics. Here is an overview:

2019: “The herd moves on” (about digital nomads).

2020: (In that year there was a tie on points and therefore 2 winning entries).
“Happiness is not a gift from the gods” (about professional and private happiness)
“Great minds think a lot” (a celebration of quotations)

2021: “Let your forehead go all soft” (about yoga)

The winning entry for 2022 will appear afterwards, but will not be revealed just yet!

We’ll be back from holiday in mid-July!

Best regards

Your Harlequin Team

Original text: BBR
English translation: BCO


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Author: bbr

Hello, I am Beate Brinkman, the bbr.harlekin. I am editor and author for Harlekin.Blog e.V. and my “main job” is support coordinator in an international IT company. So far I have worked in German, Dutch, American and Indian companies and have acquired a great deal of experience of multicultural cooperation. I have been living in the Netherlands as a German for many years and have discovered that the cultural differences between Germans and Dutch alone could fill entire books. For professional and private reasons, I am particularly interested in multicultural (mis)understanding. Whether it’s about food, language, official conference calls or the organisation of funerals – when the cultures of several countries collide, things get lively. And that leads to sometimes unpleasant, often very funny, but always instructive situations.

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