Everything must go…

… is a phrase everyone knows – it has even been filmed. In the business context this idea is also widespread, because most companies plan in annual tranches.

So if, as is usual in many companies, budget and personnel planning is divided into annual tranches, the usual scramble will inevitably take place towards the end of the year. Some examples are: the frantic hustle and bustle in October/November to finish as much as possible, because accumulated overtime, which will otherwise expire at the end of the year, has to be used up in December. Or: managers’ risk budgets for emergency activities, which must be exhausted by the end of the year should no emergencies actually occur. And whatever budget is not used this year might not be approved next. Consequently urgent action is demanded. You can surely think of several yourselves – but it shouldn’t take too much time, people have to use up their comp(ensatory) time. (A nice example of this will appear in the blog post next Friday.)

Both inspire gaffes for our entertainment every year anew, but you could hardly say the end of the year comes as a huge surprise to any of us. I personally have never experienced a year when I didn’t already know at its beginning that there would be a December.

Since of course I once again have not managed to get everything done yet, I’ll take a quiet leave from you for this year, because I still have a bit to do that has to be finished in 2019. I really do belong to those mad people who will (may or should?) complete a project by 20th December, so that a go-live can take place on time in the new year. It’s nice when you always know what constraints you’re pressed into.

In that spirit, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Original text: MHA
English translation: BCO


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