Drugs party

According to a status report on drugs 2021 (national REITOX (Réseau Européen d’Information sur les Drogues et les Toxicomanies) node to EMCDDA (European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction), in 2018, 8.3% of 12-64 year-olds had used drugs (especially cannabis) within the previous 12 months, of those more men than women. Bavaria in particular is well above the average, especially noticeable among 14-17 year olds.

This is astonishing insofaras the same state government claims to have a successful drugs policy. The Süddeutsche Zeitung writes about “criminalisation at all levels” and the Bavarian Fact Checker points out that there are more drug deaths in Bavaria than in the Netherlands. With well thought-out slogans like “Is Crystal a good friend?” the Bavarian State Ministry for Health and Care educates the public about drug use. Accompanied by a photo of a gentleman who is asleep, desperate or disillusioned. One does not know. But he is sitting at a desk in an office building on at least the 30th floor. The corresponding public awareness campaign is aimed in particular at schoolchildren and apprentices, so the conclusion is obvious that the gentleman must be a father of one of those addressed, especially as the site points out that “relationships with friends and parents” would be destroyed.

(Mein falscher Freund – Crystal Meth | Crystal Meth ist nicht Dein Freund! (mein-falscher-freund.de)

But what is even more remarkable is that the biggest drugs party in the world is celebrated in this very federal state and that a lot of consumers from abroad come to this party, although the drugs in question could be acquired more cheaply in other places in Bavaria and the availability in the home countries, apart from a few exceptions, is not restricted in any way. Drugs as a business with billions in turnover. You, dear readers, have of course long since recognised what this is all about: the Oktoberfest in Munich.

To the State Office’s credit, it should be said that alcohol is of course also mentioned on their information pages. Quite a long way down and right next to gambling addiction and tobacco. And it is pointed out that alcohol is of course “not an ordinary consumer item” and that consumption among young people has fortunately decreased, because they now smoke pot instead.  – OK, the last part of the sentence came from me.

But isn’t it remarkable that a drug that is easy to obtain and of which 5.7 million people drank 5.6 million litres at the festival in question alone is celebrated as a success and considered economically relevant? If this works with beer, the quality of which is constantly checked (“purity law” etc.), why shouldn’t that also work with cannabis?

The Stuttgart Canstatter Wasen festival based on cannabis from controlled fair trade cultivation. That would be something.

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