Breaking News: Deutsche Bahn finds light switch!

At the beginning of August, an attentive Deutsche Bahn employee activated a switch in the Bahn Tower in Berlin for the first time. It turned out to be the light switch. The Deutsche Bahn press office is now convinced that this switch can turn off all the lights in the building. Overwhelmed by the innovative power of his company, a railway board member himself proudly posted a press release to this effect on LinkedIn. Malicious tongues had claimed that the railway is Germany’s biggest energy consumer and would now lose its top position.

The employee, who – according to his own statement – had simply pushed the switch, was promoted and has now assumed responsibility for all innovation programmes of the railway as ‘Head of Search and Push’. At the same time, the entire railway public relations team is rallying behind this still unknown prodigy and is already planning further green innovations for the coming years. Harlekin.Blog achieved the impossible and has been able to exclusively interview the Deutsche Bahn‘s new shooting star. Read the most important excerpts from this interview here.

Harlequin: “Mr K, how do you feel? The railway is now being celebrated in social media for a success that is ultimately only due to your personal individual achievement.“

Mr K: “It is truly a great feeling. You know, I haven’t achieved that much in my career so far, and now, thanks to this one moment, everything has changed. Title, prestige – wow. What is more, the company is now promoting more ideas with bonuses, so we can expect many more exciting innovations soon.”

Harlequin: “You look really satisfied. However, environmental groups have been critical. Lights out, that’s what every child learns at bedtime. In Germany, it is even a common evening routine for millions of small children. Aren’t you afraid that the railways will lose touch? If there is insufficient electricity in the office, when will the air conditioning fail again on trains?”

Mr K: “Well, you raise a sore point. However, I am firmly convinced that our customers will become accustomed to it. After all, children manage to adjust to darkness every evening. They simply go to sleep. That’s exactly the kind of connection I want to reveal with our innovation programme. I can well imagine replacing air conditioning with sleeping pills. That should have an extremely positive effect on energy consumption.”

Harlequin: “What is your ‘next-big-thing’? Where is your current focus?”

Mr K: “I think the railways still have a degree of potential in terms of punctuality. To this end, we are investigating the relationship between rail usage and traffic on these very rails. For example: If you set points correctly, the trains end up on the right track in the station and we don’t have to laboriously transfer all train passengers to another platform. It seems to me that it is worthwhile to pursue researching this technology.”

Harlequin: “Mr K, thank you very much for the interview. We look forward to our next meeting and are excited to see what innovations will follow…”

Original text: MHA
English translation: BCO


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